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Freya Rose - Counsellor & Psychotherapist

I am an experienced relationship, individual and family therapist. My approach is experiential, relational and works with the whole body. In every session, we collaborate to understand what you’re experiencing and work together toward change that feels meaningful for you. I support clients struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, grief, major life transitions, shame, self-doubt, sexual and relationship challenges, as well as people experiencing or living with the ongoing impacts of sexual assault, family violence and other significant trauma.


My practice draws on the cutting-edge neuroscience of memory reconsolidation, the natural process through which the brain overwrites memories of difficult or traumatic past experiences, so that they no longer affect how we feel and behave in the present. I am also influenced by polyvagal theory, attachment theory and focusing-oriented therapy. You are welcome to ask me more about the theory that underpins my work at any time.

My clients come from a diverse range of life experiences. I work with clients who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or as belonging to another indigenous community from around the world. I work with people of colour and with white people. I work with clients living with a disability or chronic illness. I work with clients who identify as LGBTIQA+, polyamorous and kinky, as well as clients who are heterosexual and cisgender, and people for whom none of these labels really fit. 


A core value of my work is understanding your experiences and what they mean to you, whatever your culture, gender, sexuality, class or ability. If I am unfamiliar with a significant aspect of your identity or experience, I will work in my own time to become more knowledgeable in that area and more competent to support you.

I work with adolescents (15+) and adults of all ages.

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